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June/July 2010– – New Jersey Life Health & Beauty
Fear Factors (Strategies for coping with Anxiety)
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April 12, 2010- – (201) Health from the Publishers of (201) Magazine
The Rocking Chair and Sharsheret team up for a spa retreat day
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April 16, 2010, Jewish Standard
The Rocking Chair and Sharsheret offer women with breast cancer a spa retreat
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March 1, 2010,
Birthing Babies
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January, 2010, 201 Magazine

People to Watch – Bergen’s Champions of Health
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November 9, 2009 Binah Magazine
Featured Interview with Dr. Naomi Greenblatt
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October 16, 2009 – The Jewish Standard
The Distress and Uncertainty of Cancer and Tips for Coping
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August, 2009 – (201) Health from the Publishers of (201) Magazine
What Women Need to Know: Women’s Mental Health Hit Hard by Recession

June, 2009 – (201) Health from the Publishers of (201) Magazine
Wellness Center for Girls and Women of all Ages Opens
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June, 2009 – (201).net
Mind-Body-Fertility Retreat Offers Relief in Dealing with the Emotional
Toll and Stress of Infertility

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May, 2009 – Northern Valley Suburbanite
The Rocking Chair – A Women’s Wellness Center Northern Valley Suburbanite
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April, 2009 – The Jewish Voice and Opinion
The Rocking Chair Women’s Wellness Center Tackles Infertility
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April, 2009 – About Our Children
A Healthy Mind and A Healthy Body: Help for Overweight Children
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March, 2009 – About Our Children
Surviving the First Six Months of Your Baby’s Life
Dr. Naomi Greenblatt’s Top 10 Tips
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Press Releases

March, 2010
Spa Retreat Offers Day Off for Women Being Treated for Breast Cancer
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February, 2010
DBT: A New Therapy Model That Is Not Just Trendy, But Transformative
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August, 2009
Behavioral health prevention – an answer to the emergency room subject
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July, 2009
Higher divorce rate among parents of multiples? What you can do to preserve couplehood in the face of parenthood
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June, 2009
Family Through Surrogacy: An Increasing Alternative to Infertility
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May, 2009 – Revolutionary Wellness Center
Revolutionary Wellness Center Opens in Englewood, New Jersey
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