Mission Statement

Our women’s wellness center, The Rocking Chair, is intended to embrace women throughout their lifespan, in a warm, nurturing and comforting manner. In life, a woman has the opportunity to progress from being rocked and cradled in her childhood, to rocking her own children as she starts a family and then continue to enjoy her rocking chair as she matures in years. With each stage of a woman’s life, the rocking chair acquires different meaning.

The mission of The Rocking Chair is to enhance special moments, and to maximize a woman’s enjoyment and fulfillment of her unique life. When life does not go as planned and one is confronted with unexpected challenges, obstacles or hardships, The Rocking Chair provides a source of support for reflection, coping and helping to make a plan to move forward. As each woman experiences her unique journey through her reproductive years, our goal is to ease transitions within and between the various phases of this journey. We believe that women have the potential to live happy, enriched and fulfilling lives in the many roles they assume. We would like to help each woman who walks through our doors recognize and reach her full emotional potential.

In order to help women achieve this potential, we believe in an integrated mind and body approach. We offer a wide range of services from psychotherapy to nutrition and exercise in order to achieve emotional and physical wellness. Women’s health is an often overlooked area and our mission is to provide one center where women can have a team approach to caring for their emotional health and well-being.